method Laundry Detergent Giveaway

This is a really fun giveaway for method laundry detergent because it includes a crowdsourced music video. I’m happy to share it with you so you can score a $2 coupon and the chance to be featured in their video!

The Video

Laundry Room Love, is on method’s Facebok page.

  1. Watch it and click to get your own $2 method coupon.
  2. Follow the directions (you can even print them out) and make your own video.
  3. Submit it. Be one of the first 200 to submit and be featured in method’s own music video and get a free bottle of method.
  4. Deadline is April 15th.

method Laundry Detergent

  • Smarter– one 20 oz. bottle can tackle 50 loads of laundry with a quarter of the dose of leading brands
  • Easier– the precision-dosing pump can be used with one hand and prevents over usage
  • Greener – method’s laundry detergent is made with 95% natural and renewable ingredients in a recyclable bottle

method Laundry DetergentGiveaway

Win one bottle of method Laundry Detergent


1. Contest starts now and ends April 19th midnight EST. EDIT Date has been changed to April 19th.
2. Open to adults 18 and over US only
3. One submission per household (not entry).
4. Winner will be chosen by
5. Winner have 2 days to claim prize via email.
6. There are other giveaways for method Laundry Detergent throughout the Mom Spark network. If you are a duplicate winner from one of the other blogs, I will chose another winner. You are free to enter as many giveaways as you wish though!

How To Enter

For One Entry For Each Below: (please leave a separate comment for each entry)

1. Leave a comment about your method of doing laundry.
2. Tweet this exactly. You may tweet this daily: (leave a link to your tweet)

#Win method laundry detergent @ConnieFoggles and get a #coupon too! PL RT

This giveaway was made possible be Mom Spark Media. I will be provided with a bottle of method laundry detergent. All opinions are my own.

Giveaway Ended

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  1. kristen barnhill says:
  2. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My method of doing laundry is to just get it done as quick and as green as I can.

  3. Stephanie Phelps says:
  4. I’m not I have a method… Free… if possible?

  5. Ashley Elaine says:

    I don’t really follow a method, I tend to wash when I have time because my schedule is insane and I am never home and they usually don’t get folded till a few days later or I just grab and go from the dryer.

  6. Ashley Elaine says:
  7. vickie couturier

    my method for doing laundry is easier now the kids are grown an gone,usually just once a week,an I do 2 loads,an hand them out to dry if possible,,an I use what ever detergent is on sale that week


  8. vickie couturier
  9. vickie couturier
  10. My method is that I must have Method!

  11. vickie couturier
  12. Shannon Baas says:

    Throw in washer and then dryer.

  13. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    My method is to wash everything in cold water and hang the lighter clothes to dry (we live in an apartment, so a clothesline for everything isn’t an option)

  14. vickie couturier
  15. Janice

    well, usually it’s during the weekends or weeknights after work. Since we don’t have a dryer, then we sun dry it outside when we can.

  16. Janice
  17. Rhonda Clemens

    Sunday or Monday is my Laundry day, I seperate colors & whites, I wash my kiddos clothes seperate on cold-warmish water, dry them on low, same with the my clothes too, but hubby wants his washed on warm water.dried on medium…. All the whites are washed together in with bleach.

  18. Rhonda Clemens
  19. Denise S says:

    My method is to throw everything in (I do not sort by color or anything) and wash.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  20. I do laundry twice a week. Usually Mondays and Fridays. It just never ends! I generally wash and then make a heaping pile before I fold. Then my kitchen table disappears as I make piles and piles to before I put them away. It’s not fair…I need a laundry fairy!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  21. I do laundry once a week…and I try to do as few loads as possible. I can’t wait for it to get warmer so the clothes aren’t as bulky!

  22. Debra Hall

    my method of doing laundry is cold water only

  23. Debra Hall

    i follow you on facebook …………debrahall1961

  24. I really don’t have a method…I just grab whatever needs to be washed and try to make sure I always have a full load to save on water and electricity. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com
    Martha Payne wrote this fabulous post..Temporary HiatusMy Profile

  25. I tweeted about your giveaway: codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com
    Martha Payne wrote this fabulous post..Temporary HiatusMy Profile

  26. EMMA L HORTON says:


  27. Janice
  28. crystle tellerday says:

    i do my laundry and then hang it on the clothes line in the spring and summer and use the dryer in fall and winter

  29. kittycardero says:

    I always put the soap in first and let it mix with the water awhile, then i put in the clothes. And i lways use cold water.

  30. kittycardero says:
  31. jessica edwards says:

    just try and keep up with it

  32. vickie couturier
  33. Denise B. says:

    I wash in the temperature of water appropriate for what I am washing. I add detergent and detergent booster, wash, rinse, and do an extra rinse with fabric softener. Then, into the dryer. White wash soaks for a day in hot water, detergent, and bleach for a day. Then, I run it through and wash through one more time with detergent and bleach in hot water. Then, an extra rinse with fabric softener and into the dryer. The whites come out really white with that method.

  34. melissa mc says:

    My method is basic and simple — why make things more complicated! although I do separate clothing, linens, etc based on material, color, amount of stains, so I guess this is as close to a method as it gets lol…. ty for the chance!

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  35. Helen Keeler says:

    I currently do not use a method Laundry Detergent but would love to try. Now I just us plain laundry soap and hope my cloths come out clean.

  36. Helen Keeler says:
  37. melissa mc says:

    The only method I use is separating laundry into groups based on type of material, color, amount of stains, etc, and so far it works for me lol… ty for the chance!

  38. Method? It basically involves tackling the laundry when the hamper will no longer accept any contributions. I do try to do sheets and towels once a week, though.

  39. Delena McGuire says:

    I tend to do laundry once a week. I take the entire afternoon/evening a dedicate to it

    mcirish02 at hotmail dot com

  40. Linda Lansford says:

    I just put it in the machine and add detergent

  41. Vera S

    My method of doing laundry is to get it done quickly and efficiently. 🙂

  42. Vera S

    I tweeted this giveaway.!/CALLBR549/status/60160612059201536



  43. I wash three small loads a week.

  44. My method is to get as much done on Sunday that I can so I don’t have to worry about having clean clothes all week! Thanks!

  45. Janna Johnson says:

    cold water only and gain!
    Thanks for the entry!
    Janna Johnson

  46. We use tide unscented

  47. I just started using the Method pump and love it. It is easy, light, and NOT messy!

  48. Janice
  49. i use tide and/or dreft

  50. Nancy Meyer says:

    I use Tide & Downey. I’ve wanted to try Method for a while in order to “green” my laundry routine.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  51. My method for doing laundry is doing it once a week (usually 2, maybe 3 loads for my husband and I) using a free and clear detergent on the cold setting. I don’t really separate our clothes because we don’t wear much white and I wash in cold water anyway.

  52. Jennifer M says:

    I use Soap Nuts and Oxyclean.

  53. Jennifer M says:
  54. I get it all done early, and save the rest of what gets dirty for the next day.

  55. vickie couturier
  56. Amy Delong says:

    I try to have a laundry schedule,2 times a week!

  57. susan smoaks

    i tackle the laundry on saturday and get it all done on the weekends when i have more spare time

  58. Charity S says:

    I wash once a week, and I do it all at once.

  59. Charity S says:
  60. Vera S

    I tweeted this giveaway. 🙂!/CALLBR549/status/60509865549897728



  61. Always cold water, one half the amount of detergent ‘recommended’ and always a full load.

  62. Sherry Eckman says:

    My ‘method’ of doing laundry is to do one load in the a.m. and then a second load in the p.m. In this manner it’s not so much a chore all at once!

    septemberbaby10 at gmail dot com

  63. Sherry Eckman says:


    septemberbaby10 at gmail dot com

  64. Christine says:

    when I have enought for a few loads

  65. Thanks for the giveaway…we do our laundry on the weekends for the most part; use cold water with whatever detergent we have a coupon for….. we dry about half of our clothes the old fashioned way.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com


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