Decluttering With The Home-Ec 101 Book

In order to clean my home, the decluttering process had to get done first, according to the wonderful book, Home-Ec 101. And that’s just what I did this Saturday. I’ve been so inspired by Heather Solos’ book that I’ve actually begun to get my home in order. I know I’m shocked too.

Before I can do any deep cleaning, I need to declutter. It’s something I’ve dreaded doing, but something I can’t stand about my house either. I’ve been embarrassed to have people come over because of the mess. And it stresses me out. I couldn’t even take a photo of my “before” to show you.  I had stuff everywhere – on tables, hanging on chairs, on the floor and on the sofa. My first step was making room for things I need. Yes, even my closets are full of junk! I thought if I put them where no one could see, it was fine. Until there was no room any more. That’s when the cycle started.

Saturday morning began with deciding on a room to tackle and setting a goal. I chose my Mom Cave, which is my office and place to get away from it all. But in this room is a full (of junk) closet and a cabinet. There was stuff from when I used to sell on eBay, old clothes from my 23 year old daughter who hasn’t lived at home for years and just things I’d hide away.

I set up boxes and bags and divided them up into Keep, Donate and Trash. The Keep pile was to be put away, no exceptions. If not, it was added to one of the other boxes and bags.

Decluttering Bags and Boxes

Decluttering Bags and Boxes


It took about 3 hours, but I now have an empty cabinet and an organized closet with a lot of room in it. I’ve called a local charity center to pick up what I’m donating and have thrown away all the trash. My daughter, Sammi, began her room by herself as well. She went through all of her toys and donated a great deal of them.


File Cabinets

Order In The Closet

Thanks to the book Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living – Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it I have made a big accomplishment in decluttering. I’ll be moving on to cleaning soon!

Be sure to check on the giveaway of the Home Ec-101 book so you can be inspired too.

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  1. It seems like the book Home-Ec 101 really worked for you. Without a doubt that when having a lot of mess in your home is a little bit difficult to start arranging and cleaning things becasue you have no idea from where to begin. In such a situation definitely that a little bit of help is certainly very useful weather is coming from a book or from someone that you know.

  2. That is truly impressive!
    Our school room / my office has gotten away from me, again dare I say? I suppose it’s time to load up some podcasts and power through it. I think it may also be time to find a new place for the Legos, since those seem to be the bane of my existence in here.
    I’m so glad you found a little motivation / inspiration in the book. Good luck moving forward. Also, if you backslide, you’re in good company.
    Heather Solos wrote this fabulous post..How to Remove Detergent Build Up in a Washing MachineMy Profile

  3. Wow! I feel ya on the clutter! Since I go between the house and my dorm every week, I have stuff everywhere! Congrats on getting it out of the way 😀
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..Charity Cupcakes and CelebritiesMy Profile

  4. Connie, you did awesome. Want to come and declutter my house now? 🙂
    Lisa wrote this fabulous post..Truth Be Told GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Good for you Connie. I am in the process of reclaiming my den/schoolroom/junkroom to turn it in to my office/schoolroom. I know how hard it is. One step at a time, my friend.
    Cindy Schultz wrote this fabulous post..Walgreens Brand Sunscreen Lotion ReviewMy Profile

  6. We recently bought a home….with 3 bedrooms instead of 3 rooms we were living in! The extra space made it easy to unpack and find places for everything but I still need help to stay de-cluttered!
    Marsha Seiberling wrote this fabulous post..Giveaways Linky TuesdayMy Profile

  7. what a nest book. Sure would like to win this

  8. I wish the book actually did the work for ya! *wink*

  9. Good job! Wow, pat yourself on the back!

    My mom has a woman who helps her clean, and instead of cleaning one time, my mom asked her to help de-clutter. It was helpful for my mom to have an “outsider” give her the old, “do you REALLY need this?” She could say things to my mom that a daughter couldn’t *wink*.

  10. Good for you, mama! I know just how that goes. I’m in a constant battle with decluttering between the stuff I can’t seem to part with and all of my kids things.
    Jessi wrote this fabulous post..Flair Yourself Friday- Facial Cleansing and SkincareMy Profile

  11. You can come do my house next 😉 I’m such a hoarder, I drive my husband nuts sometimes.

  12. good job! de cluttering is such a stress reliever!

  13. I dread de-clutering, but always LOVE the end results!