Letting My Readers Down 12

I feel like I’m letting my readers down.  My blog, which was once filled with posts of giveaways and  product reviews, is now filled with personal stories, social causes and information about special education.

It’s been a tough eight months or so for my family. There’s been trouble at school for Sammi, health scares and some new diagnoses. I’m doing what I’ve done for myself – being a patient advocate – for my daughter now. There’s second opinion appointments, research, learning about medication side effects. Then there’s school advocacy. With the help of our Parent Center, I’m learning how to get the best education for my daughter. So I write. That’s what I do. And it ends up on my blog. With less giveaways and more personal and informational posts, am I letting my readers down?

My goal isn’t to find some relief in this type of writing, although it is therapeutic. My goal and my hope is to help just one person. Maybe one of my posts about narcolepsy in children will provide an answer for a mother. The recent post I wrote about Parent Centers gave the link to find one in your area to help get information on special education. Can that help you or someone you know?

changeYes, my blog is evolving. I’ll still have the occasional giveaway and product review. I haven’t lost my sense of humor, or my love of family. The issues my family is facing though, are much too important to leave open a small space on my main blog. They are the same issues that many others face, my dear readers.  If my words can make a difference, I’m going to take that chance.

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