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I’ve chosen Central Florida Parent Center as the March nonprofit of the month. I and my family have become aware of CFPC when we needed assistance and advice for my daughter who is struggling in school due to medical and mental health conditions.

Central Florida Parent CenterThe Central Florida Parent Center provides parents of children who have any type of disability with information, support and help to get the best education possible and to lead productive lives.  When you seek help, you are signed up with a Parent Trainer who can contact you online through a meeting service, via email and phone calls. The Parent Trainer also provides you with the resources you need and is there to support you. Our Parent Trainer attended our daughter’s 504 meeting by phone, helped me prepare the letter requesting evaluations to determine if my daughter is eligible for exceptional education services, and listened to me about my concerns.

When it comes to your child and the possibility or the need for special services in school, it can emotionally draining. CFPC is there to help you through those times. You can take part in the message board and chat, post a discussion on the Central Florida Parent Center Facebook page, or call or email them or call your Parent Trainer.

There is a lot of information to remember, a great deal of paperwork to fill out and lots of laws to keep track of when it comes to children with disabilities getting the education they deserve.  CFPC is there to help you with this too. They have a library of booklets, forms and resources that can be emailed or mailed to you. As you go further with your child, you may be interested in getting trained so that you can be your child’s advocate and help others. CPFC offers training.

Central Florida Parent Center is just one of the nationwide Parent Centers. You can find one in your area by visiting the main website, clicking on National in the header, then click on the map of the US at the top left corner.

You can make a monetary donation to the Central Florida Parent Center to help provide services to families, to assist with the center’s volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House in St. Petersburg and to allow families to attend the Family Cafe – a 3 day conference held each year.

The Central Florida Parent Center has been a source of information and support for me and my family. They deserve to be my nonprofit of the month.

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