Update on 504 Plan

We had our meeting about Sammi’s 504 plan last week and it was approved. My husband and I were very nervous about the meeting but I believe we did a good job of advocating for my daughter. We also had the help of the Parent Volunteer from the Parent Center at the meeting via phone. Knowing she was listening in and was able to ask questions and provide information for us made things a lot easier.

Parent CenterThe 504 plan was pretty much approved before the meeting I later learned, the meeting was scheduled to hammer out the details of the accommodations that would help Sammi and  to sign the paper work. We also discussed other options such as homeschooling and if Sammi would be eligible for Hospital Homebound Program. Because of the diagnosis of anxiety, we agreed that it was best to keep her in school so that she can work on being more comfortable around the other students, her teachers, etc.

So what are the accommodations we came up with?

  1. Sammi will have one period a day of Study Hall, where she will have time to do her homework and her makeup work. Unfortunately she will miss Physical Education, but this needs to be done. With the diagnosis of narcolepsy, she is exhausted during class, has trouble concentrating and is sleepy after school and has difficulty doing her homework. She has missed and will probably continue to miss a lot of school because of her health issues and her many doctor appointments.
  2. Sammi will receive notes from any classes that she misses due to absence. This will help her keep up with the work she is missing.
  3. Sammi has a binder that contains all of her folders and has dividers to help her get organized and stay organized.  Two – three times per week, her binder will be checked by the guidance counselor.

My husband and I were so excited about this 504 Plan and getting it started yesterday – Sammi’s first day back to school after the long weekend. But, wouldn’t you know it? Sammi was sick and missed school. When she went today, her schedule wasn’t changed and she didn’t attend Study Hall. So we’re waiting patiently.

By the way, I had mentioned taking my daughter to a neuropsychiatrist in another post, but I learned that she will have all types of examinations done if approved for being evaluated for an IEP. We’re still waiting on the approval or denial of that.

What have I learned? Ask questions about your child to see what type of help is available in school. Be persistent. Don’t think that you’re being a pain. Keep in mind that your child’s education is at stake.

Does your child have a 504 Plan or an IEP? What type of accommodations are in place?

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  1. Hope this helps Sammi to make progress – Have never heard of a 504 program – perhaps you could explain more what one is? Is it unique to Florida? What does it do?

  2. Good for you! Used to work in the special ed dept at a school district, would love to be a resource if you need.

    Cindy – 504 are national, there are not as well known as IEP’s.

  3. I love to hear stories about parents as advocates! This is a wonderful start and I’m so glad you were able to do this for your daughter! Go you!
    Christine wrote this fabulous post..What My Toddler Got Into and What it Taught Me About My MotherMy Profile

  4. Thank goodness there are 504 plans to help to protect children that do not qualify for an IEP. I have helped to implement them as a teacher and love that it has legal bite and have to be done once a request is made. We are waiting for our 504 plan meeting. I was told it will be within the next week and a half (we are on mid-winter break right now). My son has been diagnosed with anxiety and is gifted. The two do not mix well within the classroom. We are hoping that the teacher will listen and allow him to head to a safe place to decompress when he is anxious rather than stay in the classroom and make matters worse for everyone. Hoping to have that and a technology component added to assist with easing fears of writing and things that are still evident from my son’s low muscle tone.