Similac Baby Journal App Review

Though I no longer have a baby in the house (poor me), I tried out the Similac Baby Journal iPhone app. I’m always interested in sharing information that will help parents. Although the app is free it has none of the feel of a free app because there are so many functions and uses. Real thought was put into the creation of the app as you’ll see.

Similac App

Feeding Journals

You can keep track of when, how long and how much your baby nurses or bottle feeds. For Breastfeeding, you’ll remember whether to start on the left or right breast on the next feeding (something I always had trouble with) because the Similcac Baby Journal app saves where you stopped on your last feeding. You enter when you start and stop on each side. For Bottle Feeding, you drag the line down on the “bottle” to save the amount of formula your baby drinks.

Similac app feeding journals

Sleeping Journal

Just click on when your baby naps or sleeps at night and wakes up. Easy peasy.

Diaper Change Journal

Not only can you record the number of diaper changes, if it was urine only, or both urine and bowel movement, the color and consistency bowel movements, if the diaper leaked and add notes. Not fun stuff, but as a mom, especially a new one, all of this is very important. It seems that your life revolves around it.

Growth Journal

Record weight, length and head circumference.


This is where it all comes together – the Trends section. You’ll be able to see the whole snapshot of what’s been going on with your baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper changing habits. It can even predict trends from a small amount of data. And you’ll be able to see your baby’s growth pattern. You’ll have the answers for your pediatrician when you’re asked how much your baby is eating or how many diapers he or she has gone through. It’s all right there for you.


The Similac app provides advice right at your fingertips! Have a question about how long your baby should sleep, how to know if your baby is hungry, just use the Tips and Advice section. You can call their Feeding Expert live 24/7 for immediate questions for free.

I remember writing all of this stuff down when my daughters were babies, well trying to. As much as I tried, I’d forget or be too tired and think I’ll do it in the morning. Since all you need to do is just touch your iPhone to save your information, this makes it much easier. And most of us are connected to our iPhones anyway.

I was compensated by Collective Bias – a Similac partner – for my time to review the Similac Baby Journal App. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I just hope new moms put down the electronics and enjoy feeding their babies – either breast or bottle. I hate seeing so many use their feeding time to connect with others. The bonding time is one of the best and you’ll miss it. The electronics will be there when the baby is gone. 🙁

  2. Sounds like a great app! Maybe, one day in the far future, when I have a child, I’ll download it!

  3. Great app! I had a notebook I kept all this information in…of course, a mom would need an iPhone/iPad to use this app and many of us can’t afford them.

  4. I remember having a chart on the wall to track poo. My how we’ve grown! Now you can track stuff like that on your phone! 🙂

  5. Where was this when my kids were little? 🙂

  6. What an awesome resource! Thanks for passing this along!

  7. since most young mothers (and some of us “older” mothers) are connected electronically, this is a great idea. i know sooo many mothers who i think could benefit from this. all the info in one place!

  8. Nice app but not so great if you own a Blackberry 😉

  9. So cool! Wow technology has come a long way.

  10. This sounds great. Wish I had it when my kids were babies.
    Brandy wrote this fabulous post..Sweater into pillow cover!!My Profile

  11. It would be nice if this app were available for Android and Blackberry users as well. The only Android app I’ve found that provides the same information costs $5 (and has horrible reviews).

    I’ve kept a log on my netbook of all of that stuff for awhile, but after so many months I stopped doing it. Ellie is bf on demand, and it seems like constantly on the boob, so I stopped keeping up with her exact feedings.
    Jenn wrote this fabulous post..Stuffed Myself SillyMy Profile

  12. It is great to see tools like this out there for mom’s.

  13. OMG, seriously!? This is where we have gone?? Keeping up with your baby’s schedule on your phone. ROTFL – what is next? A app for the dog? Tee Hee

  14. I have been using this app for 7 months and I love it! The data is fantastic for problem solving and to report to the pediatrician. When my baby was fussy, I would consult the app to see when she last ate. (Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of that in your head with everything else going on.) I could use the information in the app to make the decision to feed her again, or move onto another possible solution. Also, my pediatrician likes to know how often she eats and how much. I love being able to review the graphs and give an accurate picture of my child’s feeding habits. I’m recommending it to all of my new mom friends. It has given me peace of mind – for free!

  15. It really sucks its not available for ANDROID 🙁


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