My Mom Cave

I had no idea how much the mention of my mom cave would create fits of jealousy. The talk of the day today on Twitter has been football, which is not a passion of mine. I tweeted that I was hiding in my Mom cave to get away from football. Suddenly I heard from Carol Cain – NYCMamma and Kelby Carr –TypeAMom. They were surprised that I had a Mom Cave.

Word spread a bit and some other tweeps chimed in. One even saying that she’d pay to have one! Well my adventure to getting a Mom Cave isn’t that exciting. When my daughter Alicia left the house, I took over the room. At first it was an office, a main hub where the only computer we owned was located. The family used it and the desk was the place for everything from homework to hockey schedules.

Soon after, I took over. Sammi got her own desk in the den with her own desktop. My husband has his own man cave – the garage since we’ve been married. He has a TV, radio, file cabinets, chairs, a dart board and his sports magazines and newspaper clippings. On the weekends, sports are on the TV in the living room. And I needed a place to escape.

Mom Cave

My Mom Cave may still have a trundle bed for guests, a closet, a tiny old TV and a big mess in it, but it’s mine. I can shut the door and shut out the world. I can write, read, watch the shows I want (only up to channel 99) and look at my Disney stuff. Sure it needs a makeover and an organizer, but for now, I’m happy with it. I wouldn’t pass up some help to get it order, a fresh coat of paint, a new TV or even an iPod and speakers of course. Go ahead and offer if you’re willing!

I never thought I was lucky to have a Mom Cave, but for those living in apartments or those with more than one child, I guess there’s no room for one. So if you could have your own Mom Cave, what would you have in it? Be as creative as you want!

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Living in the Tampa Bay area, I'm lucky enough to see beautiful sunsets almost every day. Although life can be difficult at times, focusing on the positive and being with my family is what gets me through.

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  1. I sooooooo want a Mom Cave. I think it should be mandatory and sound proof, LOL. Found you on networked blogs and I look forward to more of your posts. Oh, and I’m following you on Facebook now. πŸ™‚
    Cheryl Wilms wrote this fabulous post..Create a Vision Board for Your GoalsMy Profile

  2. I wish I had room for a Mom Cave. For now I guess my Mom Cave is in the bathroom because my office is quickly turning into the play room LOL! Most of Ellie’s toys have found their way out of her room and into my office. When I need a few minutes to myself Ben goes in there to play with Ellie, and I escape to sit on the bathroom floor with my netbook. It’s not much, but it gives me a little peace and quiet so it works!
    Jenn wrote this fabulous post..Dinner OutMy Profile

  3. Why is it that we moms are usually the last ones to get our own cave? I want one too! Yours look great πŸ™‚
    JMom wrote this fabulous post..Sad and Insecure on FacebookMy Profile

  4. Love it mama! πŸ™‚

  5. I had an office in our townhouse – unfortunately we only lived there for a year — in this tiny little space we’re in now no one has their own cave πŸ™ Definitely looking forward to moving into a bigger place after being in a sardine can for two years (hopefully this year we find something bigger in our price range)

  6. Your mom is very resourceful huh?It looks like a small office inside your house.Or can say study area?

  7. I’m not a mom, however I can understand why a Mom Cave would be awesome. I mean I like having a place in the house where I can go to and not be bothered. I’d have my laptop, iPod, planner, and chocolate. Haha!
    Lindsay wrote this fabulous post..Peaceable Kingdom Valentines GiveawayMy Profile

  8. I’m so jealous.. Just kidding:) I would love to have a mom cave and am so happy that you can.. I should make myself one in our spare room. thanks for the great idea.
    staycee wrote this fabulous post..Great Gift Ideas at EdenFantasysMy Profile

  9. I can’t wait to have a place big enough for a mom cave. I totally need one. It’s nice to have a place just for yourself where you can retreat to breathe, think and work.

    Good for you, mama!

  10. That is awesome. I want a mom cave!

  11. Lol! I love the idea of a mom cave!!! I would have to include all the things I love – music books art …. my daughter. Oops not getting away. Okay my daughter’s picture, hehehe.

  12. I so need a mom cave, but like your situation, a child will have to move out. And the oldest is only 11…. so that will be a while. πŸ™‚
    Crystal & Co. wrote this fabulous post..What Smells Good to YouMy Profile

  13. Connie Roberts

    I agree Cheryl. Maybe we should add a Mom Cave to the wedding vows. Love your soundproof idea.

  14. Connie Roberts

    Oh Jenn, I remember the days of locking myself in the bathroom to get a break! It does work and it’s better than nothing!

  15. Connie Roberts

    Thanks JMom! I’m not sure why we’re last, but we need to start insisting on one. We need it for our sanity.

  16. Connie Roberts

    Christine, you’re gonna need one soon with 2 little ones. Just saying!

  17. Connie Roberts

    I hope you find a bigger place soon too Loretta. You deserve some peace and quiet, especially with all the work you do from home.

  18. Connie Roberts

    Lindsay, I’m going to add chocolate to my accessories for my Mom Cave. Thanks for the idea.

  19. Connie Roberts

    I’ve heard of women making their own rooms out of closets. You can do it Stacyee!

  20. Connie Roberts

    Breathing is good! I can also scream into pillows here, Jessi. And no one knows, except for you πŸ˜‰

  21. Connie Roberts

    Just ask Lisa. You never know what will happen πŸ™‚

  22. Connie Roberts

    I have my daughters’ photos in here and my Mickey Mouse stuffies. Don’t forget them, Kelly.

  23. Connie Roberts

    Crystal, it was tough waiting for me too. Just kidding!

  24. Oh girl, it would take me an entire book to layout the plans for my Mom Cave! But, here are the basics: it would be huge with enough room for my office – with a HUGE L shaped executive desk AND a flat workspace for writing; it would have a section for watching girly movies with my girl friends; it would have a place for my sewing; it would have a place for my scrapbooking; it would have one of those fainting couches because I have always wanted one but it in house full of boys, I don’t get dainty things; and it would be PINK! LOL!
    Kelli wrote this fabulous post..Tackle It Tuesday- Tackling Goals UpdateMy Profile

  25. I’d love a Mom Cave! It would have to be equipped with a bed, TV, computer, and its own bathroom too LOL. I’d never have to leave!
    Stacie wrote this fabulous post..Reviews &amp Blogging 101- What Elements Should Each Review Blog HaveMy Profile

  26. Cindi ~ Little Yayas says:

    That is great. I have a little mom cave too. Thank you for sharing. NOw I feel the urge to go and straighten mine out. I use my Mom Cave as my area for sewing my blankets and working on comp. IT is right across from my kids play room so we can all be in the same room. πŸ™‚

  27. My Mom cave isnt all mine but Im the 1 that spends the majority of the time in the room so I claim it as mine. In mine: computer, music, workout dvds, stability ball, coupon binder, coupons I havent clipped yet, candles and a boat load of junk I need to sort. Whenever Im in my cave with the door shut hubby knows not to bug me πŸ˜€
    Shanaka wrote this fabulous post..&8220Wubbzy Be Mine&8221 Valentine DVD &38 Candy Giveaway Ends 2-1My Profile

  28. Yay good for you! My oldest went to college in the fall and i am slowly turning his room into my mom cave…

  29. Hazel Long says:

    I mean I like having a place in the house where I can go to and not be bothered. It does work and it’s better than nothing!


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