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BagUps are biodegradable trash bags that have a dispensing system right in the box. Place the box of BagUps in your trash can, pull out the first bag and and once that is used, there’s another bag right there!

BagUps is a self-contained system that has pre-loaded, perforated bags in a dispenser which protects the bags from the inevitable leaks and spills that occur.

BagUps inside trash can

Using BagUps has Made “Taking out the Trash” Much Easier

  • My husband just empties the trash and up pops a new BagUps bag. No need to search for another trash bag,  put his hand into the trash can again, and try to to open a new bag. Our old trash bags are hard to open.
  • They are sturdy. We have 2 cats and the cat litter goes into our garbage can. After using BagUps for a week, not one bag has ripped or torn. Our old bags have been known to rip and there would be a mess.
  • The 13 gallon size fits most brands of indoor trash cans.

Going Green

BagUps bags and the dispenser system – the cardboard box – are biodegradable.They biodegrade over 2 years, as opposed to the industry standard which is 2,000 years. It is endorsed By National Green Energy Council and no other similar products have been endorsed. They are made of 100% recycled materials.

American Product

We try to buy American whenever possible. BagUps not only is made in America, but are assembled by people with disabilities and Veterans and is invented by Jack Licata, an Air Force Veteran. Since my husband is a vet and disabled, this is a very important reason to buy this product and to recommend it.

BagUps Trash bags

Our Review

When family came to visit and saw the new green bags we are using, they noticed right away. We were happy to share the news about BagUps with them. Having a product that saves time for an every day chore, is made in America and goes along with our belief in recycling and being eco-friendly, it was easy to give BagUps a good review.

Where To Buy

You can purchase BagUps online on their new website. They are sold in packs of three, by the case or by pallets for businesses. You can also learn more about BagUps and going green by following them on Twitter @BagUps or on Facebook.

I was provided with a box of BagUps for this review. All opinions are my own.

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