5 Things I Learned About My Daughter At Crayola Pop Art Pixies Event

The Crayola Pop Art Pixies event was so much more than feeling good about being chosen to attend, or the VIP treatment we received, or even the places we visited. Don’t get me wrong, they were all fantastic, but I was able to learn some things about my tween daughter who is becoming somewhat of a mystery to me.  At the age of 11, Sammi has begun the process of pulling away from me. It’s a natural part of growing up, but it still hurts.

This year she began middle school, a big change from elementary school. At first, she was excited and loved going to school. Then something changed. We don’t know what it is and I don’t think she does either. Yes, we’ve checked if she’s being bullied. We’ve met with her teachers and her guidance counselor. She’s even been to the doctor and seen a therapist.  With my husband and I at her side and all the help we’re getting, her grades have been going down and she hates school.

She doesn’t open up like she used to. It’s like pulling teeth to talk to her. She doesn’t want my advice about clothes and won’t even let me help her with her hair. She stays alone a lot. Most of the time, she’s in another room from me in the house. Just typical behavior for a tween? Probably, but again, a big change in a short time.

On top of all this, she’s been sick – a lot. She has severe allergies. She gets allergy shots and takes prescription medications. It was recommended that she have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Every time we’d schedule it, she’s get an infection. Then, about 3 weeks ago she was rushed to the hospital with a rapid heart beat of 140 at rest. This began more doctor visits, tests, more missed school days and a big scare for her and us. One of the major things on her mind was would she be able to go to the Crayola Pop Art Pixies event? I told her yes, without knowing to keep her positive.

To shorten the story, she’s been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse and Tachycardia. She’s been weak, fatigued and has dizzy spells. The tonsillectomy is off for a while now, but, she was able to go to NYC and we planned on making the best of it. I knew I’d be with friends who knew about what was going on, so God forbid anything happened, they’d be at my side.

So through all this, what did I learn about my tween daughter?

  1. She’s a trooper. Even though she was really scared that something would happen to her, her desire to do something special was more important than her fear.
  2. She will talk to me about important things, but on her terms. When we were alone in the hotel room, we were tired, but so excited. The silly rambling began. It turned into more serious stuff and I just let her talk.
  3. She’s creative. I knew this already, but her level of creativity has grown in leaps and bounds. She thrives on it. While we were making the Crayola Pop Art Pixies crafts she not only used her imagination, but she thought about other crafts she’d like to do.
  4. Doing something together is a way to bond with her. While making the crafts and seeing the sites in New York, we felt close to each other. She needs an activity to feel close to me.
  5. She loves to travel. She’s a rambling gal like her mom. We’ve been on trips before, but this was our first mom and daughter one and she’s already asking for more. We’re considering another trip to NYC around the holidays next year to see the Christmas decorations and one to Atlanta in the summer to visit family.

I’m more positive about Sammi and her attitude. We have these memories to look back on and more to come. The Crayola Pop Art Pixies event was a blessing to us.

Crayola provided our transportation, lodging, food, gift bags and gift cards for expenses.

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  1. I had a fun time bonding with my girls too. I really enjoyed doing the crafts with the girls, it was a ton of fun as well as lots of memories we will have forever.

    I want to take another trip to NYC too! Maybe next year at Christmas time….

  2. It sounds like Sammi is growing up… kinda scary for both of you. It sure sounds like you have it under control.
    She is a sweet looking little girl in between being a girl and a teenager.
    So glad you two got to enjoy some time together, she sounds as if she enjoyed it & you did also judging by the smiles on both your faces!

  3. Connie Roberts

    Yes, Ellen she is growing up and too fast for me! You’d think I’d be used to this by now, but she’s my last one. Maybe that makes it harder? We did have a great time together. We’ll remember it for a long time to come!

  4. I’m so glad that you and Sammi got this much needed mother daughter bonding time! I hope you are able to squeeze more of these moments in!
    Annie Y wrote this fabulous post..Crayola Pop Art Pixies GIVEAWAY!!!!My Profile

  5. What a great experience for you and your daughter! These crafts look very engaging


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