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This is a guest post by Robyn of RobynsOnline World for our Back To School Connection campaign.

Taylor was apprehensive, to say the least, about heading off to high school this year. Part of him was very excited to go and I remember that you finally feel you have made it when you start high school – like you really are no longer a kid, but now a full fledged teenager. The other part worried about what it would be like, about being in the lowest class (freshman), and all sorts of other normal teenage and high school angst. Zest Books sent us three of their fun high school titles that came at just the right time for Taylor.

The Dictionary of High School B.S. Uncensored

This is a hilarious dictionary of everything related to high school. Remember, this is for real teens in the real world so it’s not all mild and sweet. Taylor actually was very pleased about that and as soon as he recognized that point it made him read even more about it. Taylor did wonder why the book didn’t mention Facebook, that is the place for teens these days (according to him MySpace now sucks). It also doesn’t mention Twitter, although he thought if it had it might state that most teens things it’s stupid even though he feels it’s actually nice, dag nabbit (his words). One of Taylor’s favorite entries from the dictionary:

“School spirit (N) 1. enthusiasm about one’s school and its sports teams. 2. school pride exhibited through the wearing of logo-emblazoned clothing such as t-shirts and jackets, and rooting hard core at games, especially during home coming.  3. for some, a great uniting force, especially If a school’s sports team is pretty good.  4. for others, a completely ridiculous idea.”

Been There, Survived That: Getting Through the Freshman Year of High School

I found this book to be really clever, but Taylor didn’t care for it as much. I think though that his feelings were because right off the bat it takes a poke at people who play World of Warcraft. Actually it is poking fun at kids who bring the manuals on playing WoW to school that are really extreme – not just people playing the game so much. It just happen to rub him wrong though – that happens sometimes with books when you first pick them up. He said he found it more corny than funny, but he is much more cynical so that doesn’t surprise me. For teens who are more easy going they would probably get a laugh or two out of this book. Oh, and there is a flip book included on the corners of the pages which Taylor did think was cool.

97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School
This was the book that Taylor found most useful actually. He found there were really lots of good ideas in this book of things to do, some on your own, some with friends. A few he has already actually done even. One of his favorites was about going out to a fancy restaurant, but just having everyone order appetizers and water so everyone can afford the bill. You still have a wonderful experience, but on a teenagers budget! I think that the book is filled with enough ideas that any teen could find at least 20 things right off the bat that would sound interesting to them. It is an easy read, but one that gets them thinking of new things to try.

Great little gifts for teens new to high school this year or perfect for the teacher’s classroom library also. I think Taylor is going to take the first two books to one of his teachers to keep in her classroom, but the 97 Things To Do book I’m pretty sure he is hanging on to and going to start marking things off the list as he does them. Zest Books publishes lots of other interesting books for teens, you can find them all at the Zest Books online store. You can like Zest Books on Facebook and follow @ZestBooks on Twitter.

The Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive a copy of all three Zest Books titles!

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Robin’s Disclosure: Zest Books sent these books for Taylor and me to review, the opinions are our own. They are also providing the books for the giveaway prize.  Transparency is everything!

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