Cheap Date Challenge With Blockbuster Express 12

Are you wondering what a cheap date challenge is? When you use Blockbuster Express you’ll see that renting a movie for $1 gives you a head start to saving money so you can spend it on other things for your date. My challenge was to spend $25 on a date with my husband (well it could have been anyone, but I’m monogamous).

Poor Shawn is sick so we had to have our date at home. No problem, it’s lots of fun to curl up on the couch together and have dinner while we’re watching a movie. I’m good at being frugal and I think that’s one of the reasons that Shawn loves me so much. Just one reason.

So here goes:

  • I had a code for a free movie from Blockbuster Express. = no charge
  • Frozen Pizza for Shawn = $6.49
  • Frozen Spring Rolls for me = $2.99
  • Gallon Sweet Tea = $2.99
  • (Leftover) Small Order Pork Fried Rice for me = $3.25
  • (Leftover) Small Order Won Ton Soup for me = $1.50

TOTAL —— $17.22

I went to our local Publix that has a Blockbuster Express kiosk and got our movie plus the other items for dinner. Came home and heated it all up in the toaster oven, microwave and oven. Set it up on trays for us to eat while we watched the movie, Valkyrie with Tom Cruise.

After we finished eating, we curled up together and enjoyed the movie. I have to admit that I was tweeting a bit during it, but it was while Shawn was getting up to fill up our cups, use the bathroom or get a snack. Oh yes, we had some ice-cream from our freezer. I didn’t have to buy it. All in all it was a nice night. And as Shawn teasingly calls me, I was a cheap date again.

Would you like to take the cheap date challenge? Here’s a BOGO code for you – just rent two movies from a Blockbuster Express kiosk and get one movie for free. This is good until March 31st, only at Blockbuster Express. That’s only $1 for 2 movies for one night! Use this code at the kiosk or online – 5G13B2

Have a cheap date on me and Blockbuster Express!

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I was provided with a gift card from Collective Bias.

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