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I know that it’s fall and winter clothing season. Fashion shows began to show their collections months ago and stores began to fill their racks and shelves a little while after. I get how the industry works. But my fashion rant is about common sense, which I don’t see much of here in Florida.

Winter Hat Collection
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Even though it’s autumn, it’s still summer weather here. On Halloween it was almost 90 degrees. So why can’t I find a pair of shorts or a swim suit in any of the department stores? There’s sweaters, hats, boots and Christmas trees. But when Samantha grew out her bathing suit there was not one to be found. Since we’re going to Hawaii, I wanted some new shorts for myself. I’d be better off finding a virgin in a whore house.

When I asked for help from salespeople, even they were upset. They said that so many people are searching for warm weather clothing with none to be found. Tourists come in and need a short sleeve shirt and end up with a T Shirt that has a stupid logo on it.

Store managers, district managers, whoever makes decisions about what to put in southern markets, consider who you are selling to. Isn’t that the first lesson of sales? My fashion rant is now officially over. Oh wait, one more thing, don’t put string bikinis in the womens department. It’s sad.

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  1. Connie- that is so true. Here in Brazil the biggest problem that people have are finding plus size stores. Everything is made for really skinny people. So basically anyone who is overweight has to go to the seamstress. It’s all so wrong.
    All the best,

  2. That is crazy! Why would a store down south think that they could actually stock then sell winter clothing. Even I know that it’s warm this time of year in Flordia and I’ve never been there!

    Well at least I can warn a friend of mine to pick up her clothing on clearance before she heads to Florida next week.

  3. I had no idea they did that in the southern states! That just doesn’t make sense at all. When is it that you get to wear sweeters?

  4. I know what you mean! I live in Orlando, FL and sometimes we even wear shorts on Christmas since it can be in the 80’s some years. You can forget the Christmas sweaters and shirts, because they are just too hot some years. Try dressing your 2 year old boy in those adorable Christmas vests and corduroys when they are dripping with sweat. The clothes are cute for the photos, but then you gotta change.

    To Paula@ Organizing Tips 4 Moms — I actually own only 3 sweaters. We don’t wear them much down here in Florida, but I have them for traveling up North to visit with the relatives. On the occasion that you do wear a sweater, you probably won’t wear a coat.

  5. While I haven’t been down South in years, I can sympathize with you! I do quite a bit of my shopping online for that reason. You can find any type of seasonal clothing online.

  6. I agree – totally crazy! Especially if you live in a climate like yours.

  7. Its not any better here in the Midwest either. They have had winter stuff out for months already even tough it hasn’t even snowed here yet.

  8. I always felt it was odd that they put all those back to school clothes out in August and parents buy their kids so many fall clothes that are way to hot to wear until mid October. Not this year though. It was cold in September.