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My daughter, Alicia is now married. The wedding was better than we imagined. The time spent together with family, friends and new family and friends was amazing.

Everything went beautifully. I’m proud to have Scott as my son (in-law) now and am so happy for them both. They love each other and I look forward to their future together as husband and wife.

The best thing about the ceremony and the reception is that their personalities shone through. Every facet of it was planned with care and it showed. We even attended a bowling party in the evening after the reception. If that doesn’t prove that this was something special, I don’t know what will.

Here’s a few photos that I have to share with you until the photographer’s ones come out:

img_2474This was at the hotel where many of us stayed. After a long day of flying and driving, it was a welcome sight.

img_2490The bridal party. Isn’t the gown gorgeous? Peanut is the Junior Bridesmaid and is on the very right.

img_2494 I took this while a bunch of people were taking photos.  They were getting confused as to whose camera to look at. Don’t blame them!

I ended up crying a few times. First, when I saw Alicia in her wedding gown, then when I pinned a special “new” item on her that meant a lot to us and when I placed her veil on, I totally lost it. During the ceremony, when my husband walked her down the aisle, I was sobbing and continued to do so for the first few minutes. But, then I was able to enjoy it all. And it was so worth it.

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