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Kids clothing can be cute, or it can be cool and unique. I love it when my daughter stands out from the crowd and with R & S Avenue, I can find that something special for her easily. The clothing for babies, girls and boys fit the way I live. It’s nice to share my fashion with my daughter.

From kaos recycled I can find dresses, tops, shorts and pants that feature rock and roll bands from the past, candy logos, vintage styled outfits and more. My daughter thinks that they are “outrageously awesome”. Now it’s extremely rare for us to agree on clothes. So this in itself is a miracle.

This is just one of the outfits we agreed on:


Who would think that a ten year old would like a Rolling Stones dress? But “my music” is making a comeback and she knows some of their songs. I guess hearing the Classic Music Stations will do that to a kid!

Since Peanut likes to be unique, these kind of clothes really fit her style. They are not the same old, same old that her friends would wear. She really likes that all of the clothes feature logos that she has seen or heard of before, logos that she thinks are cool. Because what ten year old do you know that doesn’t want to be cool?

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