So Sleepy and Annoyed

I’m still sleepy and feeling yucky. I went to get a blood test that was scheduled any way called a CBC. I was thinking that maybe I was a bit anemic again.

Yesterday I get a call from my Primary Care Doctor with two questions: Are you on a blood thinner? (My heart started beating fast.) Then, are you having surgery? (Now, feeling total confusion.) I answered no to both questions. And then learned that the lab did the wrong test. They actually did some kind of test that is done before surgery.

So, I have to go back to have the blood test done again. And I still don’t know if I’m anemic. And I’m still sleepy all the time. And I’m really annoyed.

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  1. I hope you don’t have to pay for that first test!

    corrins last blog post..No Jackie O

  2. This really instills a lot of faith in our health-care system. /sarcasm


  3. I’m sorry, I hope you find some answers soon and start feeling better!

    Barbs last blog post..Drinking Coffee at the Snooze Bar

  4. Wow that would spok me, but ateast it was just a blood test and not a surgery done wrong..

  5. They did the wrong test? Jackelopes! They almost did that to me once, checked the wrong box. Luckily the lab tech knew me and said, uhh… I don’t think you’re supposed to get tested for this.

    I’m sure you’re fine! Get tested for anemia and make sure they test your thyroid too since you’re tired all the time. Feel better soon! xo

  6. Scary, huh? Thank god you weren’t going for surgery…could you imagine how scared you’d be after just the blood work screw up!

    I hope all is well with you. I second what Heather said about having your thyroid checked. It’s not uncommon for your thyroid levels to get out of whack and feeling tired is one of the first symptoms they ask you about.

    Helenes last blog post..YouBars….a nutrition bar created by YOU for YOU!

  7. No Corrin, when I called the lab said they would drop the charges and apologized for their mistake.

  8. Kim, I’ve lost faith in our health-care system a long time ago. But I love this lab that I use. This is the first problem I’ve had with them and I’ve been there too many times to count.

  9. Thanks Barb. I hope so too.

  10. So true Lisa. I guess I should count my blessings.

  11. Heather, I’ve had my thyroid and too many things tested for my own good. I will get the right test done soon. I’m just frustrated right now.

  12. Helene, thank goodness my thyroid is fine. I get that checked about every 3 months or so because of all the chronic illnesses I have. Thanks for caring.

  13. I am at the doctor a lot because of my thyroid and other medical issues, and have had that happen to me before too. It’s amazing all the mistakes and cluelessness that occurs. 🙁

    Lauries last blog post..TGIF (tomorrow)