Blog Action Day – Falling Between The Cracks

I’ve been there. I had a child and a house and a car, but had very little money coming in. My child support payments were non-existent. I had been hurt on the job and Workers’ Comp payments barely made my bills and were always late. We were running out of food but I wasn’t eligible for food stamps.

I bought the least expensive food I could. I applied for free lunch for my daughter at her school. I cut coupons, stopped our cable TV, the newspaper, the extras on our phone, eating out, renting movies, everything I could think of to save money. But I still ran out of food each week.

I was embarrassed but I had to go to a food bank. The people were so kind and helpful. They didn’t judge me and tried to help me with some ideas like applying for help with my electric bill and some other small things to get me by.

Today, families of all kinds are going through this. They may even be working but because of the high cost of gas, food, rent or mortgage payments, electricity and other utilities, they can’t make it.

They are falling through the cracks of a system that doesn’t help those that are wiling to help themselves. Food stamps are a joke, Medicaid is not only difficult to qualify for, but even harder to find doctors that accept it.

My church, DaySpring Church, has a Food Bank that is open on two days a week. We run out of food each week. We have so many needy families that it is hard to keep up. So please, if you’d like to donate to a local food pantry that helps people in need here in Spring Hill, Florida, visit our website and make a donation. It is tax deductible. If you have trouble getting through on that site, let me know and I’ll get you the information you need. Or please donate to your own local food bank. Even a can of food can help.

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Connie Roberts

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Living in the Tampa Bay area, I'm lucky enough to see beautiful sunsets almost every day. Although life can be difficult at times, focusing on the positive and being with my family is what gets me through.

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  1. Last year, all of our local food pantries saw a huge increase of families in need. The working poor were scrambling to make ends meet due to rising fuel & food prices. I’m sure it’ll be even worse this winter.

    Thank you for this insight into the lives of the people that we are trying to help.

    Sandra Foyts last blog post..How Is Advocacy Changing With The Web?

  2. i hope people won’t go hungry. that is the most basic need.

    mistipurples last blog post..Music Memorabilia Guide and Christmas Collectibles

  3. Thanks for showing us the people who work so selflessly to help those in need. It is getting harder and harder all the time to make ends meet with everything being so pricey now. Its good to know there are people out there who care enough to help

  4. we’ve had an increase in people needing help in our area too. it just bothers me that the systems set up to help them actually don’t. thanks for this post.

    cadys last blog post..D-Day

  5. This is a good reminder. People are very down on the bail out and I understand why. But more families are going to be needing our help, the long it is delayed.

  6. Now, more than ever, we need to help each other where we can, it’s truly the little things that matter!

  7. There are so many people facing the same issues everyday and you would think they would make it easier for them to learn about the various programs within each state. Thanks for the post.

  8. It is so sad to see poeple struggling with poverty and I was sorry to read about your past problems. Good of you to blog about this important subject and I hope you have a successful fundraising campaign.

    Marks last blog post..Big Cat Live from the Masai Mara

  9. this problem is increasing all over the world so thank you for making us aware of it – on a local scale. if everyone donates their extras, there would be more than enough for everyone. unfortunately, loads of foods end in the trash…

  10. The system works or should I say doesn’t work in my area as well. At times I think it’s set up to help people fail instead of just helping them.

  11. How nice you are able to give back now by helping out at your local Church food bank.

  12. Great blog action day post Connie. It’s so scary to be in that tight of a financial situation, especially when you have kids to feed. I think I’ll be buying some extra food today for our local food bank. Thanks for the reminder.

    Lauries last blog post..Blog Action Day 2008, POVERTY

  13. The economy is terrible right now and I think that everyone is feeling the crunch. Another idea is the Angel Food Ministries… you can usually find one nearby.

    Dore’s last blog post..Free Groceries anyone?

  14. I work in a shelter twice a month, making and serving food for 80 residents. It’s truly a blessing in my life.

    Barbs last blog post..Thifty Thursday – Aldi

  15. Thanks for posting about this important topic. It’s easy to sometimes forget that doing a few simple things can truly help those in need. No gesture is too small-