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I guess it’s time to update you on my health issues and my ever growing assertiveness as a patient. I called my Gastro doctor’s office again and again, leaving messages with both my home and cell phone numbers, asking why I was scheduled for a test that would be very difficult to go through especially in my weakened condition.

I finally got two messages (even though they had my cell phone number, I guess it was easier to leave a message instead of talking to me directly) telling me that the only reason the lower bowel series test was scheduled was because my chief complaint was abdominal pain. Nothing showed on the CT scan to make the test necessary. It was scheduled to rule out other problems.

I immediately called the hospital and canceled the test. I’ll call my Gastro doctor’s office on Tuesday and inform them of my decision. I also learned that one of the medications that I’ve been taking for years is on backorder with no known time of when it would be available again. So my Gastro doctor prescribed something in it’s place. Just today I was looking over the RX instructions. I was so angry when I read that this med shouldn’t be taken by people who have Myasthenia Gravis.

That means that not only did my doctor prescribe something that could harm me, so did the pharmacy. Both know that I have MG. I’ve been so weak and sleepy these last few days that I felt like a rag doll, common MG symptoms. Put two and two together. I’ll be sure to mention this on my phone calls!

Poor Hubby has been working and then coming home to take care of me, Peanut and the house. I feel awful. Even Little Bit, our furbaby cat, has been sick. He needed a tooth pulled, his ears flushed due to ear mites and a dental cleaning. Hubby had to take the time to pick him up from the vet on Wednesday.

He’s still acting a bit “off”. He’s been sleeping a lot and not eating as much. We’ve tried to get him to sleep in one of his pet beds, either in the living room or in our room but he wants to be with us in bed.

It’s probably more that he knows I’m sick than him being sick. He’s always been good at knowing that. Now if I can only get back to being myself again. I guess when I start giving it to the pharmacy and the doctor, I’ll be starting back on the road to being me, mentally.

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  1. That’s terrible. How could they prescribe you something you can’t take? Haven’t they looked into your file? Am so sorry that happened to you. I hope you get well real soon and also that you have some distance from doctors for a while.

    Lauras last blog post..Comments from my children’s teacher

  2. I’m glad that the test wasn’t because something bad showed up on the earlier tests and good for you for canceling it!

    As for your medications, what is wrong with these people? Good grief … good thing you read your prescription labels before just blindly taking what the doctor has – mistakenly – ordered.

    Lindas last blog post..“For love of country they accepted death…” – President James Garfield