Moms Don’t Treat Themselves

After shopping for Peanut’s new clothes again, I swear this kid is on a growth spurt that’s lasting months now, I realized that I haven’t bought myself a new outfit for the spring or summer season. I definitely need something for Easter Sunday. In fact I need clothes for church in general. I wear the same few outfits ever week.

Now that I’m 45 when I go clothes shopping I’m a bit torn as to what to buy for myself. I feel much younger but I don’t want to look like someone trying to look younger, you know what I mean? I have spiky hair, a tattoo and I don’t think I look my age (oh gosh, please don’t leave me comments saying that I do). I love dressing sort of in the punk style – I’d guess you’d call it…OK now I’m showing my age, right? I have these great long boy shorts, capris, funny t-shirts, long skirts, a really great jacket that I adore and other clothes that are my type. I like to dress in my own style.

This week I’ll be shopping for some clothes for me! I got some birthday money to spend on myself and I intend to do it up right. I think I deserve a little fun.

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  1. I learn something new about you everyday! Maybe when I finally make it down there I just need to drag you with me to get my next tat. I want to get it done in Miami!

    Jenn’s last blog post..Nothing To Do

  2. You are so right about moms not treating themselves. I spend more of the money on my daughter too than myself. Have wore the same dress on Easter for too many years to count. Only reason I do is because it has spring flowers pattern on it. Where I live it doesn’t get much wear. It is great you are going to get yourself a new outfit. Just buy something that is YOU! Don’t worry so much, be yourself most of all!

    Shirley’s last blog post..Running A Race

  3. HI,I tagged you. Come on over to my Blog and get the rules.

    Alexandra’s last blog post..I’ve been Tagged

  4. I’m sure when your kids get older they will treat you in return 😉

    Haney’s last blog post..Storybooks…Soft Porn?

  5. Cool. And I’m probably too old to be saying “cool”, let alone dressing the way I do. I’m 54 and I dress in torn jeans, a tank top and flip-flops. I have three tats. I wear wise crackin’ Happy Bunny shirts all the time. I refuse to grow up. I’ve always felt that age is how you feel inside. I’ve never felt older than my late 20s. You enjoy your clothes … however you want to dress … then I can come hang out with you and people won’t notice me as much. LOL Kidding. It’s very cool that you have your own style. In this day and age of cookie cutter clothes, houses, etc — your own style is important.

    You definitely derserve a shopathon. Go for it girl!